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Lower Eyelid lift

Are you a good candidate?

There are three aspects of the lower eyelid, which are important do distinguish:

1. Do you have a fat bags?

A fatbag has nothing to do with tears, but is a bulge of fat. This is clearly visible, at least if you keep your head straight and look up. Then the fat bags bulges.

2. Do you have to much excess skin?

Everyone, including you, has below the lashes on the lower eyelid a delicate fold. These may be additional wrinkles, which are particularly visible when you smile.

3. Are the circumorbital ring pronounced?

Some people look tired and have neither eye bags nor excess skin. But what they have, are dark circles, sunken areas on the bone edge of the eye socket, in which form shadows.

How can you imagine the procedure?
There is the lower eyelidlift from outside and from the inside, the canthopexy and volumetric treatment of the eye channel.

1. Surgery from inside

The bulging fat I remove through the conjunctiva (transconjunctival approach). The procedure is also referred to as lower eylid lift from inside. This gives me the assurance, with high probability to avoid a bleary eye, a drop of the lower eyelid canthus (ectropion). You canĀ“t see a scar from the outside.

2. Surgery from outside

Through an incision in the fold underneath the delicate eyelashes I am able to remove a strip of skin. To avoid a decrease of Unterlidkante I stabilize before the lateral canthus to the bony structure (palpate times on the edge of the eye, which is the bony margin of the orbit). This is a security measure, which is important (canthopexy). The scar healed, usually so that the scar is not visible.

3. Kanthopexy

The outer corner of the eyelid is to the bone edge (touch lateral around the corner of your eyelid) stabilizied. A drop in the lower eyelid canthus is avoided thereby.

4. Volume treatment dark circles

By raising these sunken part forms less shade and you will look crisper. You have two options: either with body fat (autologous) or hyaluronic acid. If you have secret fat deposits on the body, I can win the autologous fat by a liposuction. This is conditioned by a very slender, blunt cannulas introduced only in very small droplets. This is expensive, but has the great advantage that the fat cells are better supplied with blood from the surrounding tissue. Good circulation means longevity, thus a long-lasting, positive results for you. If body fat is not an option, hyaluronic acid is a good alternative. Here, too, there may be bruising and swelling.
What are the risks?
  1. An ectropion, dropping the lower eyelid canthus, therefore, rather cut a little too less skin than too much.
  2. Prolonged swelling up to 6 months, so much cooling in the beginning.
  3. An over-correction in the treatment volume. Therefore prefer to rework something, than too much.
For how long will I be indisposed?
Schedule a check two weeks of downtime, because I can promise you two things: Bruising and swelling. If I keep my promises, you will need 2 weeks in order to be socially acceptable again. Bruises are then not yet completely disappeared, however, are able to cover very well with camouflage.
What should you do after surgery?
The eyes are swollen and I encourage you to cool your eyes well after treatment. When you take time for yourself at the beginning, they will gone down faster, you have your luck virtually in your own hands. Wet compresses are helpful, a wet washcloth or a special moisture glasses that I recommend: natragel molded eye rejuvenation mask. It contains aloe vera, vitamin E and green tea, which may help your skin. On the eyelid sticking a silicone patch. This helps the initial swelling to push down and remain for 1 week.

Please sleep at the beginning with a slightly raised upper part of the body. I recommend taking Arnica globules or bromelain POS. This also promotes the reduction of swelling. The suture material will be removed after 5-6 days. Sports activities and sauna lead to increased blood flow and swelling. If the operative swelling are not completely subsided, you should still wait with sports and sauna. After about 4 weeks you can start slow. "Your body will tell you when you're ready.
How is it that sometimes the lower eyelids swell?
Everyone has a particularly large lymphatic vessels of the lower eyelid. By opening and closing of the eye muscle you "pump" from the lymph fluid, therefore the following may occur: If you have been asleep, you wake up refreshed, look in the mirror and think: Pretty swollen. During the day the swelling goes away, your look is better. If you're short on sleep, you wake up tired, look in the mirror and think: I'm tired, but I barely look swollen. Cause is, how long they have pumped with opening the eyes the lymphatic fluid.

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