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Inner Thigh Lift

Are you a good candidate?

If a liposuction on the inner thigh has not led to the desired result and scalloped folds show, this can be significantly improved by an inner leg lift. The performances of the patients are sometimes too high, pull the skin taut at the inner thigh, and say how I would have liked. That's not always be achieved, see risks.

How can you imagine the procedure?

Important is the plotting of the incision and the expectations of the patient. In the groin that runs "straight cut" to the beginning of the cleft of the buttocks. The excess skin is drawn arc with stretched legs. How is it possible to sew a straight (long) line and a curved line so that it fits behind again? Starting outside the skin is sewn together and the farther it is inwards towards bottom cleft, the skin at the arcuate side is taken a little more than the straight edge. Thereby there is a puckering of the seam (as with a gathering seam). Now if you give the wound time to heal, it will smoothe out by itself. Through this method, the straight section towards the knee is avoided, which is cosmetically advantageous. The procedure takes about 2 hours and is performed in a half-sleep. Stay one night with us, you may go home the next morning after removing the drainage.

What are the risks?
If too much skin is removed, there are unpleasant tension in the pubic area. To avoid this, the skin part to be removed is being planned in an angled state of the legs. As a result, the patients may have expected a little more from streamlining, if you stand in front of the mirror. But you especially need the skin what could be tighter at standing, to not get problems with an angled state of the legs.
For how long will you be indisposed?
2 weeks.
What should you do after surgery?
Top priority after surgery is good hygiene. After urination and bowel movements, I ask you to clean the wound area thoroughly to avoid infection. You can yourself imagine the case of an infection it is not easy to connect this region. At the beginning of the seam is a little wet because of the gathering seam. Please create compresses or a sanitary towel on the wound area. Tights or compression underwear prevented then, which slipped the dressing. The yarn material dissolves by itself. Please avoid sport for 6 weeks.

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