"clear contours and a better feeling"


Now there is a interesting version of face rejuvenation: Ultherapy.

Are you a good candidate?

Many patients of mine report, they are not open-minded for an operational procedure yet. However they want to utilize all non-operative treatments.
Ultherapy causes tightening of the tissue, it feels firmer. It is not a musculature lifting in the Sense of a face lift. This is only an operational possibility. The Ultherapy does not replace a face lift.

How can you imagine the treatment?

The concentrated X-Ray transports the heat point into the subcutan tissue. The X-Ray energy pierces into the skin without doing any harm. It can be applied in 3 different depths: 1.5 - 3 - 4.5 mm. At this juncture the growth of collagen and elastin increases. Within the healing process of the heat point the tissue appears tightened, the contours get clearer. Your face expression seems fresher.

The treatment takes around 1 h and lasts approximately 1,5 to 2 years. The big benefit: You can go on working the next day, inasmuch the skin surface is neither treated nor affected. Temporarily the face will be reddened and minor swollen. You will sense fine pricks during the treatment. It is possible to be supported by an anesthesia, otherwise you have the option to take pain killers 30 minutes before.
The combination with hyaluronic acid as volume treatment is ideal. What order of treatments is recommended? Initially Ultherapy and approximately 4 weeks later volume treatment. Preventing the hyaluronic acid to evaporate later on.
The procedure requires patience , since it needs time till the first results appear. After a period of 2-3 months you will notice first improvements and are finally visible after 6 months.
The face seems fresher and contoured.
Ultherapy doesn´t imply to copy results of an operation - Ultherapy is a proven attractive alternative for everybody who doesn´t want surgery yet.

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