"I will advise you as a doctor
and a human being."


In the first consultation you describe your wishes and ideas to me. After this conversation I will take pictures of you from different angles. Together with you, I will analyze the pictures and describe what strikes me and what treatment options are available. For the assessment of the treatment options it is helpful if you bring a photograph from your younger years.

My recommendations are based on the consideration of all possibilities of operative and non-operative methods. Together with you I will choose the best treatment option for you. In my experience a combination of both options is the best way. I will explain the procedure to you in detail and we will discuss risks and possible complications.

What I do not treat are noses and ears. If you have questions about these two topics, I recommend Dr. Henning Freiherr von Gregory in Berlin. Here you are in the best hands.

When is the right time for treatment?

The right moment is when the area - which you want to change - becomes important for you: ...think about it once a month, the twelve days of the year will pass. If you think about it every day, why it is like this and not different, it will become important for you. Decide for yourself and not for others... take your time and do not put yourself under pressure...!

But it can also be that it is too early for a treatment or that I see no possibility to improve the findings. I will also talk openly with you about this. I make my decision as a doctor and not as a businessman.

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