"I will advise you as a doctor
and a human being."


In the first consultation session you will portray your desires and conceptions. Subsequent to this conversation I will take pictures in different angles of view. Together we will analyse theses pictures and I will describe to you the things that caught my eye and which treatment option I see for you. For the evaluation of treatment options it would be helpful, if you bring a photography of your younger self.

My references are based on weighing all options of the surgical and non-surgical methods. I fully explain the procedure and we discuss risks and possible complications.

You will recieve an estimate of cost in written form, valid for one year. If you decide on an intervention, we will conduct another consultation. Here we clarify outstanding issues, in case of an anesthesia you have the option to talk to the anesthesist.

Gladly, I would advise on the possibility of a follow-insurance cost and availability of funding.

beautyprotect - Follow-up costs

mediPay - Availability of funding

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