"The face is my area of expertise"


The first impression is deciding and difficult to straighten out. The attractiveness of your face coins the durable sending of your awareness of life. Your face is your calling card. It gives you an attitude towards life, which is significant influence by your attractiveness.
A treatment should only take place, if the patient and the doctor have confidence to each other. To guarantee a successful intervention, it is important to me to carve out a mutual goal.

In recommending a treatment, I don´t consider surgical methods only, but non- surgicals as well. Together we select the best treatment options for you. By own experience a combination of both options is in many cases the best way. It may occur, that it is to early for a treatment or I don´t see a chance to improve the diagnostic findings. I will be frankly to you about all this. I make my decision as a doctor and as a human, but not as a businessman.
With surgical methods for me your safety comes first. The benefits have always to outweigh the risks. Not everything you imagine is possible and reasonable to convert. It is important to me, your expectations of the outcome are realistic.

My ambition of your treatment is, to escalate your sence of well-being and to encourage your charisma. You will appear fresher and feel more beautiful.

Aesthetic medicine is based on experience and confidence.

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