"as flat and firm as it used to be"

Tummy tuck procedure

Are you a good candidate?

After weight loss or even after pregnancy, an excess skin on the abdomen exist. If possible, we try in our clinic to improve the result by liposuction. Sometimes this is not enough and a tightening of the abdomen is useful, especially if there is an excess skin (fat apron). If you want a flat stomach, then the tummy tuck is the only way to meet your expectations.

How can you imagine the procedure?

Sitting in height of the bar, there is a belly crease, it corresponds to the cut line, which runs in an arc shape along the pubic hairline. The subcutaneous fat is dissolved until the ribs. The navel is solved on its skin exit site also. If the abdominal muscles apart somewhat faded (rectus diastasis), I conduct a tightening of the muscles. This causes the stomach to become flatter and emphasizes the waist. The skin is then tightened down and the excess removed

The procedure lasts 3 hours and is conducted under general anesthesia. They stay for a day in the hospital, the next day you go home with drains. If it's just purely a tightening of the lower abdomen, this can be combined with liposuction.

What are the risks?
Of all the cosmetic surgeries tummy tuck has the most risk:

  1. Circulatory disorders of the skin, especially for smokers (4x higher risk)
  2. Increased risk of thrombosis due to the large wound surface
  3. Development of a seroma (wound fluid retention) if too much movement between the muscle and fat tissue occurs
  4. Widened scarring (hypertrophy - when the scar is wide but shallow, keloid - when the scar is also toric
For how long will you be absent?
A recovery phase of 2-3 weeks is realistic. If you have a sedentary job, it is recommended that at the beginning not just to sit on the chair: This will relieve your belly. A good alternative is the use of a standing desk.
What should you do after surgery?
1 day after surgery you will be discharged with the drainage. You are not sick, but need some assistance at the beginning. You go in the first few days, but not fully upright, which regulates quickly. Ventures not to indulge much and giver yourself rest. A padding underneath the knee relieves the abdominal muscles. Please move constantly up and down the instep, which activates the muscle pump. Then flows the blood back better and reduces the risk of thrombosis.
After 2-3 days after the surgery I remove the drains, they are very soft and cause only slight pain. The suture material is removed at the navel after 10 days. The yarn material at laparotomy dissolves itself. It is advisable to wear a compression clothes for a period of 6 weeks. Please avoid 6 weeks sports and heavy lifting. A pure firming of the abdomen can be linked to a liposuction.

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