A beautiful contour for neck and chin"

Liposuction on the neck for beautiful and firm contours

How can you imagine the procedure? ?

DI perform liposuction under local anesthesia. The tissue is prepared with a special saline solution. By means of a gentle vibrating cannula the excess fat is sucked out. The procedure takes 2 hours, the time window you spend in our clinic is 3 hours. There is always more time than you think. Sometimes a pad of fat collects under the chin, the so-called double chin. This makes you look older and is perceived as disturbing, especially if you lower your chin or see yourself in profile.

Liposuction: Die Fettabsaugung verschlankt das Doppelkinn. With the help of liposuction the chin becomes slim again. The facial profile improves significantly. Neck liposuction is suitable for patients who do not have much excess skin. A combination with a facelift is possible, but not in one session. As a rule, it is better to take your time after the facelift has healed to improve the result under optimal conditions.

What are the possible risks?

Not too much fat must be removed and not irregularly.

How long will you be absent?

Please plan for 1 week of downtime, because you must expect bruises and swelling.

What will you do after the operation?

In the morning you will take a shower after removing the bandage. You will wear a neck girdle for one week. One day after the treatment you will look better. You wear the neck corset mainly at night and when you are not out of the house. The final result is visible after about 6-9 months. Sports activities and sauna lead to increased blood circulation and swelling. If the operative swelling has not yet subsided completely, you should wait with sports and sauna. After about 2 weeks you can slowly start. "Listen to your body, it will tell you when you are ready.


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