"a good feeling all around"


Am I a good candidate?

The typical candidate for a body lift is, who pulls skin like a pair of tights in the thigh front and outer side up, and says, that's how I want it.

How can I imagine the procedure?

The skin soft tissue of the thigh has an enormous weight. If the tissue is tightened, the train of gravity are collected. This is possible if the fat-fascia is tightened. This is a layer between the superficial and deep fat layer. The fatfascie can be tightened and anchored as well. The incision is curved from the groin to the hip bone to the rear and is running on the opposite side to the front again. Planning how much tissue I can remove and in what high.

The scar will lay, looks like that. Thus, even an individual height of the scar can be selected, depending on your preference for underwear waistband or so that the scar can be hidden. Streamlined the fascia and the excess skin is removed. Without power, the skin is closed over drains. The procedure lasts 6 hours and is performed under general anesthesia. They stay for 2 days in the hospital.

What are the risks?
  1. Not symmetrical course of the scars
  2. Flattening of the buttocks
  3. Circulatory disorders of the skin, especially with smokers (4x higher risk)
  4. Increased risk of thrombosis due to the large wound surface
  5. Development of a seroma (wound fluid retention) if too much movement between the muscle and fat tissue occurs
  6. Widened scarring (hypertrophy - when the scar is wide but shallow, keloid - if the scar is also toric).
For how long will you be indisposed?
3 weeks.
What should I do after surgery?
It would be good to stand a lot or lie. Every time you sit down, voltage is applied to the skin, which can affect the scarring. The yarn material dissolves by itself, you can take a shower every day. Please avoid sport for 6 weeks.

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