"it is best when nobody sees it"

Botulinum Botulinumtoxin

Are you a good candidate?

Within seconds, we read in the features and get a feel. The impression can be deceived about the actual condition of time. Strong tense facial muscles e.g. in the end be seen as wrath and fierce anger, or even sad. Here treatment with botulinum is helpful in order to influence the expression positively to let him appear softer. Botulinum temporarily slows the muscle (about 3-4 months). Because the muscles can tighten less, the wrinkels are flat, ideally, they are gone.

How is the treatment performed?

The treatment is ambulant. 2-3 days after the injection begins and the effect is visible after 2 weeks. For new patients I see them happy again to check the result. If necessary I can add a little extra.

What is the goal?

The goal is to damp the mimic, not eliminate. With careful use of Botulinum, you will look natural and relaxed. Your charisma will increase and they will get more positive feedback. The decisive factor is the evaluation of the results in smooth facial expressions. But if they use the expression (surprise - end pull / anger - eyebrows pull together / laugh - eye wrinkles) should still be visible wrinkles, but just a few. If you wouldn´t get wrinkles by using the mimic, it would appear fake.

What can be treated?

Upper face Frown lines, forehead wrinkles, crow feets, eye wrinkles (bunny lines), risig the eyebrow (chemical browlift)
Lower face Chin, jawline, cheek, neck wrinkles, platysmabands

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