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Facelift Face Neck Lift

Are you a good candidate?

Please lie back 45º and look in the mirror. Your facial features will glide backwards by themselves without anyone pulling on them. If you like this, you are a good candidate. Do you now see sunken areas in the cheek? Inflate your cheeks a little, just a little, and it will be even more beautiful and softer.

How can you imagine the process??

I carry out a procedure that meets all the requirements of a facelift, the HIGH SMAS Facelift. This technique was developed by Dr.Bruce Connell, Santa Ana CA, developed and substantially refined by Dr.Timothy Marten, San Francisco CA.

means that above the zygomatic arch the tightening takes place and thus the effect is increased: Not only the cheek but also the midface is improved. This is a decisive advantage of the High SMAS method over other methods.

            Das SMAS ist von einer zur anderen Seite gespannt wie ein Trampolin.
means: Superficial Musculo Aponeurotic system. This is the muscular structure in the face, which is responsible for the radiance and elasticity of the face. The SMAS is stretched like a trampoline, from one side of the face to the other. This trampoline has a gap in the middle of the neck (from the pit of the neck to the chin). You will often see two muscle edges in the middle of the neck. The tightening of the SMAS guarantees a long lasting result.

First, the subcutaneous tissue is injected with a local anesthetic, which temporarily constricts small vessels (vasoconstriction). This facilitates the preparation of the tissue.

            Die Haut im Wangen- und Halsbereich wird präpariert. In the first step I gently loosen the skin. The incision (white line) runs along the hairline and around the ear. No hair is removed. The incision in front of the ear is placed in the skin fold and is practically invisible later. The shape of the ear is also retained. You can wear any hairstyle after the wounds have healed. The yellow area shows the preparation of the skin.

            Die Muskulatur im Wangenbereich wird senkrecht gestrafft. In thesecond step the underlying musculature is now prepared at the level of the zygomatic arch (High SMAS). The musculature is tightened vertically upwards. The target region is the midface and the lateral cheek area (white arrow).

            Die Muskulatur im Halsbereich wird parallel zum Unterkiefer gestrafft. In the third step, the muscles are additionally tightened parallel to the angle of the lower jaw, the contour becomes even clearer. With age, the oral salivary gland enlarges and becomes visible and palpable below the angle of the lower jaw. Depending on the findings, the reduction can be achieved by injection of Botox. If liposuction under the chin is planned, I perform it in a 2nd step

            Die Muskulatur im Halsbereich wird gestrafft. In the fourth step, if there is a pronounced excess of skin, the muscles are also gathered. I close the muscle gap with an incision underneath the chin crease, and any fat deposits (double chin) are also removed.

            Der Hautüberschuss wird spannungsfrei ausgebreitet. The muscles are now tensed like a trampoline again. In the fifth step the skin is spread out without tension, like a tablecloth that has slipped over the molleton. The excess skin is removed. I seal the skin in two layers.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia or twilight sleep, the anesthesiologist will guide you safely through the operation. Half an hour after the operation you will go to your room yourself, we will accompany you. The facelift improves the tone of the muscles. Individual wrinkles and particularly sunken areas can be significantly improved if I additionally perform a volume treatment. I only carry out this treatment after the swelling of the facial areas has subsided, in order to be able to provide more targeted treatment.

What are the possible risks?

Two risks are worth knowing: If the skin is loosened, it must be well supplied with blood. This can lead to a circulatory disorder, more likely in smokers than in non-smokers. Smokers have a 4x higher risk. It can come to an injury of the N. facialis, I have not caused any injury so far. However, the nerve may temporarily fail in rare cases, but will recover.

When will you be socially acceptable again?

I can promise you two things: Bruises and swelling. If I keep my promise, you will need 2 weeks to be socially acceptable again. Bruises will not have disappeared completely, but they can be covered very well with camouflage.

How do you behave after the operation?

You will stay with us for one night and we will take care of you. The next morning you will take a shower with the drains and go back to your hotel or home. I ask you to wash your hair every day, it is important to keep the wound area clean. After 5 days at the latest I will see you again to remove the stitches, after another 2 days I will remove the remaining stitches. When the drains are removed, I recommend lymphatic drains. This makes the swelling of the lymph much easier and is very pleasant. During the first days it is desirable to put a neck roll or an appropriate pillow underneath your neck, so that your beautiful neck can unfold and not compress. Please use the care cream for the wound area, but also for the cheek and neck, the skin needs a little more attention in the beginning. Sports activities and sauna lead to increased blood circulation and swelling. If the operative swelling has not yet subsided completely, you should wait with sports and sauna. After about 4 weeks you can start slowly. "Your body will tell you when you are ready.

How can you get the effect of the facelift?

For many patients the question of how to maintain the result of the facelift is important. The tightening of the muscles during a facelift lasts for many years. The effect is all the better the more intact the muscles and the associated ligamentous apparatuses are. By specifically "moistening the tissue" you can maintain the effect of the facelift for a long time.

            Durch regelmäßige Behandlung mit Hyaluronsäure kann das Ergebnis aufrecht erhalten werden. With regular treatment approximately every 6-9 months, you can maintain the results of the facelift for a long time and achieve long-term effects: The contours become softer, the midface clear and fresh again.

At the beginning of the treatment the intervals are shorter (depending on the findings), the maintenance interval is then longer. The freshness effect on the face is comparable to a well-tended garden: Your garden also needs water and continuous care to stay beautiful.

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