"nobody sees it, but everybody notices"

Face and Neck Lift

Are you a good candidate?

$host = $('[mag-thumb="outer"]'); $host.mag({ mode: 'outer', ratio: 1 / 1.6 }); Please lay back 45º and look in the mirror. The facial features glide back by themselves, without someone pulling ont them. If you like this, you are a suitable candidate. Do you see the caved parts of your cheeks? Blow up your cheeks for a tiny bit, it will be more beautiful and softer.

How can you imagine the procedure?

I conduct a procedure, which satisfies all requirements of a Facelift, the
HIGH SMAS Facelift.

bedeutet, dass oberhalb des Jochbeines die Straffung erfolgt und somit der Effekt vergrößert wird: Nicht nur die Wange sondern auch das Mittelgesicht (midface) wird verbessert. Dies ist ein entscheidender Vorteil der High SMAS Methode gegenüber anderen Methoden.

is the muscular structure in the face, which garanties the long lasting of the outcome.
means, that above your zygomatic bone a tightning will take place consequently the effect will increase: Not only your cheek, but your midface as well, will be rectified. This is an essential benefit of the HIGH SMAS method. The intervention will be arranged in general anesthesia or half-sleep, the anesthesist will lead you through the surgery. 30 minutes after the surgery you go to your room by yourself, but we will support you. The Facelift will improve the elasticity of the musculature. Particular wrinkles and caved parts can be improved considerably, if autologous fat injections is used in addition. Before the surgery I can win fat through liposuction, for instance from the inside of your knee or your waist. After preparing the fat, the surgical part starts.

I start with adding volume for facial rejuvenation. Fat is carried through stump hollow needles, always in really tiny drops (like drizzel rain under your skin). That is hard, but a drastic benefit, so the adipose cell are supplied with blood from the surrounding tissues. A great perfusion stands for persistence, therefore a long lasting positive outcome for you.

Within the

step I gently loose the skin. The cut (white line) runs alongside the hairline and around the ear. The hairline will be conserved, there won´t be any hair removal. The cut in front of the ear will be inserted in an already existing skin-crease. After your wound heals up you can wear you hair any way you want it. The yellow presented area shows the skin preparation.

With the
step the subjacent musculature will be dissect on high with the zygoma (High SMAS). Other treatments are aimed at the area below the zygoma and prevented reaching the Midface. The musculature will be vertically tightened (blue arrow).

Within the
step the neck is presented above a cut belong the chin-crease. The fat tissue underneath the muscle border will be removed, depending on the found some parts of mouth submaxillary gland as well. A part-removal from the submaxillary gland is possible, the risk of dryness of the mouth is minor, since 2 further salivary glands (parotis gland and sublingual gland) assure the salivary production. The gap between muscle borders will be closed, comparable with a corset and add fundamentally benefits to the neck contour (blue arrow).
Within the
step the musculature below the jawline-angle will be tightened additionally, the contour clearness increases (blue arrow).

Subsequently I conduct a musculature tightning and I extend the skin, like a tablecloth, which got out of place over the hush cloth. Without haul, that is fundamental, I remove the skin excess. The combination between volume rejuvenation and High SMAS procedure is in my opinion the best method after 10 years of facial surgery.

What are the risks?
There are two risks to be aware of:
  1. If the skin gets removed, it has to be well perfused. It can lead to a circulatory disturbance, more likely by smokers then nonsmokers. Smokers risk is four times higher.
  2. There may be an injury of the facial nerve, so far I did not cause one. Rarely, the nerve can fail temporarily, but recovers quickly.
When will you be presentable again?
I can promise you two things: Bruises and blue spots. If I keep my promise, you need two weeks to be presentable again. Bruises are not gone by then, but allow to be covered with camouflage.
What should you do after surgery?
One night you will stay with us in our clinic, we want to take care of you. The next morning you take a shower with the drainage and afterwards you may go to the hotel or home. I ask you to wash your hair every day, it is important to keep the wounds clean. At the latest I will see you again after days. To remove the stitches. After 2 more days I will remove all stitches. When the drainage are removed, I recommend Lymphatisch drainage. It makes it a lot easier for the Lymphe to detumescence, it is considered pleasant.

Preferable for the first few days is, to underlay a bolster or an appropriate pillow so as to your beautiful neck can deconvolve and not compress. Please use the supporting cream for the wound, but for cheek and neck as well, your skin needs to be taken care of a little more in the beginning. It is often asked, when I can be physically avtive: I advise to wait 3 weeks, then you can start. Listen to your body, it will tell you when it is to early, take your time and start slowly. I approve of steam sauna, it takes the swelling out of your face.

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