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Brow Lift Forehead Lift

Are you a good candidate?

Is my brow deepening or do I have excess skin? This question is not easy to answer for a layman. This is easy to judge in comparison to pictures of youself as a youth by looking at the level of the brows. If the brow has never been particularly high and has descended even more today, the eye area appears tired. If the eyebrow is raised only at the sides, it looks attractive. Women have a slight push in the eyebrow, the highest points at the outer third of the eye. Men tend to have a horizontal eyebrow.

What methods are there?

For a natural looking brow lift I lift only the lateral part of the temple. The inner part of the eyebrow should not be increased, otherwise it looks unnatural. Two methods have proven:

  1. The closed, endoscopically assisted temple lift. This method I usually use.
  2. An open, subcutaneous forehead lift is useful, if the distance between the eyebrows and hairline raised at very low end or shorten at a very high forehead.

How can you imagine the procedure?

At the closed temple lift I solve the hairline over four small incisions, the temporal region (skin, fat and muscle) and lift the lateral brow. To achieve a long-term result, I anchor the temporal fascia on the bony structure through fine holes. The scars are inconspicuous later. This is the best method.

In the open brow lift the cut runs either along the hairline or within the hair area. Detached are skin and fat. With this method, I can increase the distance between eyebrows and hairline with a low hairline, or shorten at a very high forehead. The brow lift is usually performed under general anesthesia. After 1 day, I remove the drainage.

What are the risks?
  1. There may be a minimum difference in the height of the eyebrow position. Many people have it before, without ever noticing.
  2. Can temporarily numb the forehead, which is recovering soon.
  3. The scars heal usually very good, but in rare cases it can lead to hair loss, which can be masked by a hair transplant.
For how long will you be indisposed?
Please schedule two weeks of downtime, because I can promise you two things: Bruising and bleu spots. If I keep my promises, you will need 2 weeks in order to be socially acceptable again. Bruises are then not yet completely disappeared, however, are able to cover very well with camouflage.
What should you do after surgery?
Please sleep at the beginning with a slightly raised upper part of the body. I recommend taking Arnica globules or Bromelain POS. This also promotes the reduction of swelling. Please wash your hair every day. It is important that the wounds are clean, nothing can happen, the suture is "tight" closed. The suture material will be removed after 7 days. Sports, sauna and steam bath is possible after 4-6 weeks.

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