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Brow Lift Forehead Lift

Are you a good candidate?

Is my brow deepening or do I have excess skin? This question is not easy to answer for a layman. This is easy to judge in comparison to pictures of youself as a youth by looking at the level of the brows. If the brow has never been particularly high and has descended even more today, the eye area appears tired. If the eyebrow is raised only at the sides, it looks attractive. Women have a slight push in the eyebrow, the highest points at the outer third of the eye. Men tend to have a horizontal eyebrow.

What methods are there?

In a forehead lift, I loosen the temple region and lift only the outer part of the eyebrow. The inner part of the eyebrow (towards the nose) is not lifted, it looks unnatural. Three methods have proven themselves:

  1. An open, subcutanes Browlift
    If the distance between eyebrows and hairline is to be raised when the forehead is very low or shortened when the forehead is very high.
  2. The closed, endoscopically supported forehead lift.
  3. A direct, eyebrow lift
    When only a minor intervention is desired and to correct asymmetries of the eyebrow.

How can you imagine the intervention?

Ein offenes, subkutanes Stirnlift ist sinnvoll, wenn der Abstand zwischen Augenbrauen und Haaransatz bei sehr tiefer Stirn angehoben oder bei sehr hoher Stirn verkürzt werden soll.
With an open forehead lift, the incision runs either along the hairline or within the hair area. Skin and fatty tissue are loosened. This method is suitable for increasing the distance between the eyebrow and the hairline in the case of a deep hairline, or for shortening it in the case of a very high forehead.

Das geschlossene, endoskopisch unterstützte Stirnlift. With a closed forehead lift I loosen the temple region via small incisions (white lines) and lift the lateral, outer eyebrow. In order to achieve a long-term result, I anchor the temporal fascia to the bony structure via fine drill holes. The scars are later inconspicuous. This is the most common method.

Das direkte Augenbrauenlift. The eyebrow can also be raiseddirectly . Especially in case of one-sided findings, this can be used to achieve a targeted compensation. The eyebrow is raised via a sickle-shaped cut above. The procedure is an outpatient procedure and is performed in twilight sleep: You sleep and have no pain. The thread material is removed after 7 days.

For a direct eyebrow lift, I recommend the use of Minoxidil® Spray (2x daily) 1 month before and 2 months after to improve blood circulation to the hair follicles. The scar is noticeable and reddened at the beginning. After 3 weeks you can massage the scar daily. After about 6 months the scar is usually inconspicuous.

What are the possible risks??

There may be a minimal difference in the height of the eyebrow position. Many people have experienced this before without ever having noticed it. Temporarily, the forehead may feel numb, which will recover soon. The scars usually heal very well, in rare cases hair loss can occur, which can be concealed by a hair transplantation of the scar.

How long will you fall out for?

Please plan for 2 weeks of downtime, because I can promise you two things: Bruises and swelling. If I keep my promise, you will need 2 weeks to become socially acceptable again. Bruises will not have disappeared completely, but they can be covered very well with camouflage.

How do you behave after the operation?

Please sleep with a slightly elevated upper body at the beginning of the operation. I recommend taking Arnica Globuli or Bromelain-POS®. This additionally promotes the reduction of swelling. Please wash your hair every day. It is important to clean the wounds, nothing can happen, the skin seam is "tightly" closed. The thread material is removed after 7 days. I am always asked when I can do sports: I recommend waiting 4 weeks, then you can start again. Listen to your body, it already tells you, if it is too early for you, start slowly. I can recommend a steam sauna, it takes the swelling out of your face.

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