"for a more beautyful look"

Upper Eyelid Lift

Are you a good candidate?

The development of excess skin that can hang down is very common and is a obstructive, at least for the ladies if you wear make-up. The eye looks tired and sad, and no one likes to hear that he looks tired when he's rested.

How can you may imagine the procedure?

I do prefer the intervention through sedation, as many patients tell me: they donĀ“t want to notice anything of the procedure. Upon request, I can also perform the operation under local anesthesia. In the crease, there is a Surplus (hooding?) skin, which continues laterally from the eye. If you remove the strip of skin I let the cut expire on the sides to remove the surplus. In the beginning, they will see that scar. I put the interface into an existing fold (crow's feet) and after lowering it will be inconspicuous. The surgery takes 45 minutes, the window of time that you spend with us in the clinic is 2 hours. It goes by more and more time than you think.

What are the risks?
It should not be too much skin removed, otherwise you can not close your eyes properly.
How long will you fail?
Please schedule two weeks of downtime, because I can promise you two things: Bruising and swelling. If I keep my promises, you will need 2 weeks in order to be socially acceptable again. Bruises are then not yet completely disappeared, however, are able to cover very well with camouflage.
What should you do after surgery?
Please have a ride home, your eyes are swollen. I recommend that you cool the eyes after surgery, to cool and to cool. If you take your time for this your eyes are quickly detumescence again, you have your fortune in your own hands. Wet compresses are helpful, a wet washcloth or a special moisture glasses that I will gladly offer. It includes Aloa vera, vitamin E and green tea, which is good for your skin. If you cool a lot, you can not read or wach television. Good music and beautiful audiobooks bridge wonderful boredom. When you lie in bed at night, lie moist compresses on the eyes and also a loose headband. So you can sleep comfortably and it even cools overnight.

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