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Upper Eyelid Lift

Are you a good candidate?

The development of excess skin that can hang down is very common and is a obstructive, at least for the ladies if you wear make-up. The eye looks tired and sad, and no one likes to hear that he looks tired when he's rested.

How do I recognize a lidptosis?

It is important to differentiate the eyelid dose from the drooping eyelid. In the case of eyelid dosis, also called blepharoptosis, the upper eyelid hangs down. The edge of the eyelid "sits" directly on the pupil. Above the pupil, the colored part of the eye is no longer visible. The eye appears tired and sleepy. In this case the eyelid lifting muscle must be corrected. This procedure can be combined with the removal of excess skin (drooping eyelid). I do not perform this procedure personally, but I will gladly provide you with competent contact persons.

How can you may imagine the procedure?

I do prefer the intervention through sedation, as many patients tell me: they don´t want to notice anything of the procedure. Upon request, I can also perform the operation under local anesthesia. In the crease, there is a Surplus (hooding?) skin, which continues laterally from the eye. If you remove the strip of skin I let the cut expire on the sides to remove the surplus. In the beginning, they will see that scar. I put the interface into an existing fold (crow's feet) and after lowering it will be inconspicuous. The surgery takes 45 minutes, the window of time that you spend with us in the clinic is 2 hours. It goes by more and more time than you think.

What are the possible risks?

  1. The eye must not be injured.
  2. Not too much skin may be removed, otherwise you will not be able to close your eyes properly.
  3. A pre-existing dryness of the eye can become worse.

    1. How long will you be absent?

      Please plan for 2 weeks of downtime because there are two things I can promise you: bruises and swelling. If I keep my promise, you will need 2 weeks to become socially acceptable again. Bruises will not have disappeared completely, but they can be covered very well with camouflage.

      How do you behave after the operation?

      Please let us drive you home, your eyes are swollen. I recommend that you cool your eyes after the operation, keep them cool and cool. If you take your time for this at the beginning, your eyes will be swollen faster again. You have your luck in your own hands. Helpful are moist compresses, a wet washcloth or special moisturizing goggles, Natragel® eye mask, which I will gladly offer you. It contains aloe vera, vitamin E and green tea, which your skin likes. If you cool down a lot, you can't read or watch TV. Good music and beautiful audio books will wonderfully bridge the boredom. If you lie in bed in the evening, put moist compresses on your eyes and a loose headband over them. This way you can sleep comfortably and it even cools you down overnight.

      Sports activities and sauna lead to increased blood circulation and swelling. If the surgical swelling has not yet subsided completely, you should wait with sports and sauna. After about 3 weeks you can start slowly. "Your body will tell you when you are ready.

      If desired, a silicone scar gel, e.g. ScarSil®, can be applied after 3 weeks to support scar healing. However, it is not absolutely necessary.

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